Life, as i have stated many times, has a lot of periods of time where you just have to suck it up and live through it.  Sometimes those awful periods of suffering can have inspiring grace notes, and sometimes they’re unrelieved by anything nice. This past month has had a few good moments, I won’t lie, but it’s mostly been a tedious trudge through Everything Going Completely Wrong most of the time.

Case in point, we bought a new clothes dryer last week, to replace the dryer that we’d repaired and babied along for many years. It wasn’t an expensive model, but it was new, and the other one hadn’t actually been working to dry clothes in months. Annnnd . . . the new dryer wouldn’t dry clothes, either. My husband made sure the vent system was all cleaned out, put a new 90 degree elbow on the vent to make sure the air flowed well and . . . nope, it still wouldn’t dry clothes. So it went back to Lowes today (thankfully they have a MUCH better return policy than Home Depot) and we now have another new dryer in its place. Let’s just hope this one WORKS.

When even the good things in life, like new appliances, refuse to work out, you know it’s a bad month.

The worst part was our long-anticipated, long-planned-for, much-needed vacation to Walt Disney World. It contained epic levels of dreadfulness. When we left for the vacation, WDW was warning us that Florida was in a terrible drought and they’d banned all campfires and charcoal grills to ensure that no one set the forest on fire at their campground. On our first day at the parks, it began to pour. POUR. And it poured the entire week. Our entire vacation was an Odyssey of soggy socks, waterlogged skin, and misery. My husband broke out in an attack of shingles to the head and face. Our travel trailer blew 3 tires. Our Suburban started suddenly dying mid-traffic, with some narrow escapes from serious accidents included. There was vomiting, sunburns, injuries galore, bruises by the score, and much suffering. The wet laundry grew mold and turned into a toxic fume fest. It was SO SO BAD.

Things haven’t exactly looked up since we got home, alas. The other truck decided to suddenly shed several wheel bearings mid-journey. Everyone caught a dreadful cold that is still lingering in nasty coughs and raw noses.  Summertime mood changes are in full swing in the “polarity challenged” people in the family. One of the darn mice is MIA somewhere in the nursery. We won’t even discuss the dog, who I have now renamed Hellhound. She deserves nothing less than her true name.

I am going through a lot of that “enduring” stuff, along with my poor family. BUT . . ..

We WILL get through this. Somehow. It just takes time. (and copious amounts of money that are sometimes hard to come by.) Shingles takes weeks to months to recuperate from. Just simple coughs from colds can take two weeks or more to go away. Vehicles break down– luckily my husband was an auto mechanic in another life and still does all our repairs.

Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and say “Man, I’m just glad that I’m still alive.”