What I did wrong last year 

So, it’s that time of year, where the siren song of new curriculum is wooing the homeschooling mom with visions of educational bliss. And, sadly, also the time where you look at what you did in the previous year and grimace at your failures. My failures for the year are pretty simple, and I hope to avoid them next year. 

  1. I didn’t buy nearly enough school supplies in advance. It’s no fun to run out of markers and glue and have to pay the terrible non-sale price for replacements. This fall, I am going to buy crayons and markers by the case.
  2. I didn’t push through on bad days and get the basics done. We took a lot of days off for sickness and doctor visits and such, for me and their siblings both, which put us way behind on grammar and math. We’re still catching up. Next year, we will be doing the three basic subjects every day unless the kids are sick themselves. 
  3. I pushed my 6 year old too quickly and we ended up butting heads over everything. Stress on both of us. This year, I think he is ready for reading and math, but I will not push the extras if he can’t handle them. I want him to enjoy learning. 
  4. We didn’t do enough fun science! More science, all the time.
  5. We didn’t spend enough time outside. More time outdoors!

I think this year will be better. I am excited. And Amazon is just waiting for my money, hah.


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