The Summer of Movies

So, waaay back in September of last year, I mentioned that I wanted to finish watching the AFI’s Top 100 movies.

OK, since then, I have watched exactly 1 movie off the list, Taxi Driver.

In order to rectify this huge oversight, I am declaring this to be the Summer of Movies. We already watched “Jaws” this week– one of our summer traditions is to scare the bejeezus out of the kids so they won’t stray too far at the beach. It’s not an official traditional thing but, boy, it makes that first dip in the ocean more spine-tingling.

Anyway, I am going to use my poor lonely Twitter account to post updates on our magical summer of Movies and greasy popcorn, which is the only type worth eating. It’s lifesacuresong if you’re interested in following along.

See you there.


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