Winding up the year

So, the Catholic year begins with Advent, which is fast approaching.

I’m not ready for it. I’m not ready for anything. I’ve spent the past month just trying to stay alive, pretty much literally. I’ve been fighting off so many infections that I’m just barely hanging in there most days. My anemia is still pretty bad. So, all the wondrous things I had planned for the year are still just dreams and wishes instead of accomplished facts.

I guess staying alive is more important than staying up with your weight loss goals or your Goodreads goals or your blogging or NanoWriMo or your exercises or your home decor. It’s just that, when the surviving bit is over with, you’re still stuck with all the unrealized hopes and dreams. I’m 27 books from making my Goodreads goal, for example, and with only 6 weeks left in the year, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that I’m not going to finish it in time. Bummer.

But, hey, I’m still upright! This is a good thing. If I manage to send Christmas cards or catch up on my voicemail or finally return that last library book that’s a month overdue, I’ll be doing quite well.


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