Back from Vacation

Well, I’d update y’all on our vacation down to San Antonio and the Gulf Coast and the truly wonderful Mission Trail and the inspiring churches that we visited, but my husband accidentally left my camera’s memory card plugged into his laptop, so it’s at work with him. So I don’t have any cool nifty photos of the blustery beach (where it poured rain, despite being August in Texas) or of the gorgeous interiors of the 300 year old chapels.

Once I have my photos back, naturally, I’ll compose a nice long blog post to fill everyone in. It was a pretty rough trip– Miss Autism was a handful, and the Tank had a total meltdown when he was away from home– but the places were iconic and we actually managed to have some fun when we weren’t fighting like cats and dogs.

And, hey, bonus!!! Miss Autism woke us up every morning at 7am by chanting “Get Up. Get Up. Get Up.” in a droning monotone until we all finally clambered out of bed in a daze of exhaustion. And now my night-owl ways have been mended. Because you can’t wake up at 7am for a week straight and still have the energy to stay awake until 2am. Not without drugs, anyway, and I’m stone cold sober. (Not that I didn’t long for some stimulants every day around noon. Coca Cola only gets you so far when you’re walking several miles in sandals.)

So, vacation was accomplished, the bank account was depleted, and the older kids are back in public school. The little kids and I are taking the week off because we need it. We’ll do the homeschool gig starting next week. Even so, they’re playing with Duplo blocks and spent a while painting watercolors today, so it’s not all video games and YouTube videos. I was starting to think that I’d have nightmares about Stampycat and The Diamond Minecart if they listened to them any more.

Oooh, and I have the new Robin Hobb book in hand. Life is good.


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