Not enough sleep, too much cleaning

That sums up my July so far, in a nutshell. I’ve been cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. With Miss Autism home for the summer, (her pitiful summer school being over with) she’s got a fulltime job in destruction. So I clean and clean and she goes right behind me and destroys.

It gets pretty old.

But anyway, today I cleaned my bedroom and the game room. I folded a lot of laundry. I sorted some junk in the boy’s room and threw away some garbage. You can see that this doesn’t make for exciting blog posts. You really don’t need to hear me complaining about the Hot Wheels that I stepped on in the middle of the night, or that Miss Autism never sleeps, or that I am sick of the heat. Too too boring, darlings.

In my spare time, I peck at the little stirrings of a novel that are scattered around in my head. At some point, I am sure this will all coalesce into an actual write-able novel, but right now it’s just backstory and worldbuilding. I am thinking of starting notes in a 3 ring binder. Very old school, but probably better than fifty different Word files.

So that’s it. I don’t sleep much. I don’t seem to accomplish much because my cleaning all gets undone. I fret over things like hating our new coffee creamer because it’s gross and wishing my new bracelet didn’t get snagged on everything I touch.

Not exciting. But summertime, here at least. September will be better.


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