Happy Independence Day!

It’s been a rough week here and today doesn’t promise to be much better (stomach virus, which the kids also have gotten, whee!) but it’s the Fourth of July so I figured I’d let everyone know that I am NOT dead yet.

Independence is kind of a big thing for me, given that I even used it for one of my kids’ middle names. (You can have fun guessing which.) It’s been really fun and interesting to do our homeschooling history lessons about the Revolutionary War and the things that happened because of it. Like our Declaration, the Constitution, etc. Things that maybe we don’t appreciate enough these days.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth! Keep the bottle rockets out of the kids’ hands once they’re lit and don’t let them smack anyone in the eye with a lit marshmallow. God bless us and our nation, and thank you especially to all the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen who have served our country in all of her various times of struggle.


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