Okay, sweet summer children, what IF?

So, “Game of Thrones” had its season finale on Sunday and I’ve been digesting it for the past few days.

Spoiler space, for those who haven’t watched and wept tears of frustration.



It occurs to me that I, along with most of the fandom, have assumed that The Hero of the North (aka Jon Snow) isn’t really dead, at least not permanently. GRRM played us so many times throughout the last two books with cliffhangers (especially involving Tyrion) that we got a little blase about them. Okay, okay, another lame cliffhanger, we said. Get us to the good part, where Jon wargs into Ghost or gets raised by the Red Woman or whatever has to happen to get our hero back to us.

(This is especially important to show viewing people who are infatuated with the actor Kit Harrington. A show without Kit seems a barren place indeed.)

But what if GRRM wasn’t playing? What if Jon Snow’s really dead?


Yeah, that’s about the entirety of my response. The Wall and the invasion of the ice dudes seems pretty unwinnable when no one really takes the whole thing seriously.

And, basically, I have a terrible feeling that it will get harder to give a hoot about the books and the show once they start killing off the point of view characters in larger numbers. I honestly didn’t care for Robb or Catelyn and their end didn’t make me weep any tears. Losing Jon, though, that’s rough. Because I actually despise Dany. And Tyrion is not my favorite (too self pitying by far in the books.) Jon was my man! And now . . . his watch is ended.

If GRRM is trolling us and Jon stays dead, well, I’m going to be pissed. And definitely will not buy the books (if they ever come out.)

It seems like something he’d do, doesn’t it? Give us hints that Jon’s not dead, only to stab us in the feels when the next book comes out?

Bleh. I hope I’m wrong.

I wish I had a copy of the second book handy. I’m missing that one and the last . . . and possibly some pages from the third one, since Miss Autism decided that my Song of Ice and Fire paperbacks are fun to carry around the house and leave in odd places. You never know when you’re going to trip over A Storm of Swords or have to sidestep A Feast For Crows.

I may buy them secondhand, anyway. I got my copy of AFFC from a used bookstore in Florida. The others, yes, I paid full price for. But George is rich enough, my friends. Unless he actually finishes the darn books, he ain’t getting any more of my money than HBO passes on from my $17 a month during the season each year.

I really hope I’m wrong . . ..


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