Well, anyway, that wasn’t in the plan

Pretty much nothing this week has gone according to plan. For example, we’ve had:

Another ridiculous bunch of needless legal drama, thanks to our incomparable school district.

My husband’s car giving its transmission the heave-ho.

My husband finally coming down with this awful virus that everyone has had.

And several other things of minor importance that just make things less pleasant in general. You know the sort of things– bills and ruined meals and someone spilling an entire ice pop on the floor you just mopped and then leaving it to dry to a sticky syrup. The things that wear you out. They tend to add up when you’re homeschooling, too, especially since part of my master plan is to allow the boys to make their own sandwiches and snacks. So my new tile floor is a constant sticky mess. I just banished all ice pops to the back porch only. Maybe that will help.

There are good things, sure. The baby is walking more and more each day. The Ninja’s reading skills are getting better and better. The Tank told me that he only hated me a little but also loved me a little, so I am “medium” on his chart of who he hates. Whew, a relief. 😉 Would hate to be entirely hated.

Just no time to think or rest or relax this week. Tired and weary and just want a nap.

Maybe things will improve.


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