Froot Loop having a bad night.

Froot Loop having a bad night.

There are no words for how rough this week has been. All I have for you is this picture of my dear friend Froot Loop, the stuffed bunny. I found him in the living room last week, right in the middle of the room, with one of my roses on his chest. I’m not sure if he was being buried or just being romantic. Either way, there he was.

Froot Loop came from JC Penney, a Christmas impulse-buy present. He had lavender-scented seeds of some sort in his chest. Buckwheat? Something like that. You could microwave the cloth bag of seeds and then stick them in Froot Loop’s belly, giving him the warmth of a hot-water bottle and the slightly fruity smell of sugary cereal. Back in the bad bad days when the Tank was having his fever episodes every month on the dot, Froot was his constant companion.

And now, he’s flat on the floor, clutching a rose. Don’t ask me.

I am flat on the floor, emotionally and physically and mentally. I am just SO tired after this week that I don’t know what to do with myself. Play a game? Read a book? Sleep? (Haha. Too tired to sleep. Which actually is a thing.)

Mostly I feel like listening to Soul Asylum and drinking a nice cold Coke. Well, there’s no Coke in the house, but there is YouTube. So here, share a song with me . . . because my life this week has been a Runaway Train.


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