Urgh, the ARD

So, yeah, Friday was way too busy to even begin to deal with posting something. I’ve got lots of things I want to write about, but going through even a brief ARD meeting is a soul-draining experience. Follow that up with dropping several hundred dollars at the grocery store and you’re looking at one tired Momma.

The ARD accomplished what it needed to, though– Miss Autism will get the incredibly scanty summer session that our school district offers. I mean, two hours a day? It’s barely worth the struggle to get her dressed in the morning. But she likes having something to look forward to, and we like two hours with her busy and out of our hair. Better than nothing anyway.

She had a rough afternoon, deciding that the pineapple ice cream topping had to be dumped down the sink and that her pretty Tinkerbell trash can had to be destroyed. Why? Who knows. She’s had that trash can in her room for over a year, but apparently it needed to be wrecked after her brother touched it. Now I have to get her a new trash can (which doesn’t please me) and also go about the business of painting her bedroom. Maybe I should start that this weekend. Hubs put texture on her walls on the areas he had to repair after she pried her shelves off the wall with a fork. So it’s ready to paint. It just means painting, which isn’t too fun even when you’re not coming down with a cold.

Sinus headaches, ahoy!

I really need a full time staff around here. Anyone know a billionaire who wants to gift a few million to a deserving mom?


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