Oi, what a week

So, right after I told the world that I wanted to sleep more at night, my Adorable Baby’s simmering spring cold turned into a raging ear infection and I didn’t sleep at all for a couple days.

Definitely not the way I wanted things to go. He’s still feverish and not his jolly self, I’m still sleep deprived and headachey. BUT . . . well, he’s on antibiotics and I’m trying to nap whenever I can. These problems will be resolved.

I was thinking about changing up the blogging thing with actual days for blogging on certain topics. I’m not 100% certain about it, but I think a little more discipline would be a good thing. Anyway, not a long blog post today because “sick baby” . . . sort of an excuse you have to have lived through to really understand. Yes, I may be at my computer, and No, I don’t have the mental energy to do anything but watch mindless movies on Netflix. Right now, it’s “Carlos” with some rather delectable Venezuelan man in the role of Carlos the Jackal (an infamous terrorist to anyone who read Cold War- era thrillers.)

Brain . . . shutting . . . down. Tired. More when the baby isn’t crying for hours on end and clinging to me like a vervet monkey.


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