Busy days and bad backs


So, there’s the obligatory photo of my African violets. I couldn’t get a picture with the sink and surrounding walls, too, because the sink was full of dirty dishes and the walls are still painted an unappealing orange. But you get the idea– pretty flowers, blue curtains, blue pots. AND . . . (drumroll) . . . I finally sunk the money into new curtains for the living room!

Target had curtains on sale plus a Cartwheel discount of 20% off, which put them just barely within reach. So now I have pretty blue and white flowered curtains in my living room to replace the truly awful plain brown ones that I threw up in desperation one summer simply because they promised to block the sun. Those windows face southeast and get the brunt of the sun every day. I’ve been considering putting up some trellis and planting vines over them, but I’m wary of giving bugs yet another entry into the house. So, for now, we’re probably going to rig up some outdoor shades over the windows instead. Somehow. The inside looks nice, though.

Anyway, Friday was the baby’s birthday party so, naturally, I was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. And I’m still busy today since my oldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow. Time to go shopping again.

Have a good weekend!


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