Good things

RIMG0555So today has been pretty crappy . . . I’m trying to focus on a few good things to take me out of the negative redirect loop that my brain is playing and escape into something approximating a good mood. This little glittery thing, for example, is the silver charm bracelet that my oldest daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. Nice, yeah? It has a bunny on it, and bunnies are awesome. Well, at least I think so.

Anyway, I didn’t actually get my African violet in March. I never seemed to get to the store with the appropriate amount of energy and/or cash in hand. Last week, however, I was able to get over to Lowes with enough cash to buy three different African violets in different colors and petal types. Then I scored three pretty blue pots at the Dollar Tree that match my kitchen curtains. So my kitchen window is now pretty and cheerful. The paint still needs to be freshened up (hence no pictures) but it’s nice.

Things are not all bad . . . it’s just that my autistic daughter’s behavior has worsened dramatically this spring. Trying to be cheerful in the face of it is difficult. I can’t just escape from the reality, not when the reality is that we may have to look into very dramatic solutions to her problems. It would be nice to look at paint chips and ignore the fact that, before we paint, we have to do extensive repairs to the wallboard and plasterwork because she’s intentionally damaged them. It’s fun to pick out paint colors, really, but not so much to have to replace half a dozen corners have that been torn out and patch fist-sized holes.

But this was about good things . . . so what else is good? Hmm. The baby turns one this week. That’s amazing. He’s so adorable and fun that it’s really made me feel like I’m not a total failure at this mom thing. He talks! Actual words stringing together in actual baby sentences! It’s been 21 years since I had a 1 year old who could actually talk. In between, I had an autistic daughter and 3 boys with speech delays. To hear a baby talking is just freaking wonderful. I mean, except when he’s demanding his own way yet again. He’s got the terrible two thing already looming . . . gonna be super spoiled.

The garden is already producing food, so that’s great. We’ve got lettuce, cucumbers, more chard than anyone could eat, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and turnips. The beans will be coming on soon. Fresh lettuce tastes really good, so much better than ye olde iceberg. It’s been an exceptionally rainy and cool spring, so our garden actually is growing like they do in those cooler and rainier states. After ten years of soul-destroying drought, we can use the break from desertification. Maybe we’ll actually get some production from those more delicate varieties that usually wither and die by June.

Anyway, that’s it for good things tonight. I think a hot bath and a good book are in order. Or maybe a good tv show . . . we’re only two weeks behind on Game of Thrones right now. We might actually catch up this week, as my older daughter has a couple of days off work. It’s hard to find time to watch Westerosi violence and nudity with little kids running around. We have to sneak it in when they’re not looking.

To a better week, right? Salut.




4 thoughts on “Good things

  1. I keep hoping! Today’s the start of a brand-new week and I’m determined to get through this one with a little more grace. Of course, that means more time being humble . . . boy, is that a hard task to shoulder. I’m much better at grandstanding and being brazen than being humble.

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