The Key to a Good Day


Yeah, this pic was taken while a child screamed in my ear that his brother had “messed up” his teeth. The kid who I just spent $850 on at the dentist. So, blurry, yes.

In my experience, the key to having a good day is NOT to lose your car keys.

I had plans. Oh, yes, I had plans. I was going to go get paint chips for the kitchen remodel. I was going to pick up the baby’s glasses from the optometrist. I was going to virtuously take back library books Before They Were Due!

Instead, I dug through all the hidden crevices in the house, searching for my keys while every member of my family swore they had never seen, touched, smelled, heard, or even once thought about my keys.

This would be a lot less of a tragedy if we lived in a nice normal house. But we don’t. We live in a house where the back door is locked all the time. The front door is locked all the time. The pantry is locked all the time. The door the the garage is locked all the time. The knives and SPICES are locked in a tool chest to keep them safe. The medications, another tool chest.

Without my keys, in other words, I am S.O.L.

I hunted everywhere, didn’t get anything done besides hunting and baby care and then re-cleaning the places where I’d dumped everything out in a panic. And it turned out that my keys were out in the backyard, perched inside a cupholder on the treadmill. Because of course they were. It’s the one place I would probably never have looked. I certainly looked every other darn place in the house.

But, the day is done. I made it to the grocery store. I dyed my hair. Even if everything didn’t get done, I still managed to keep the kids alive and fed and reasonably happy.

And those library books are due tomorrow, anyway.


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