Small changes

So, I didn’t make a huge series of New Year resolutions, mostly because I just didn’t have the energy to think about them and write them down. But I have, over the past few weeks and months, made some small changes that are starting to add up.

Our dryer has been circling the Appliance Death Abyss for a while– try doing laundry for 9 people for a while and you will know why most intimately. Recently, my husband had to disassemble it to put in new parts. And while putting in new parts, it became apparent that it needed MORE new parts and that these were backordered. So my dryer was sitting in pieces in the laundry room and I needed to wash some clothes.

“Wash all the clothes and I’ll take them to the laundromat and dry them,” my husband suggested. That was bravery on his part– I don’t even know where the closest laundromat is but it’s guaranteed to be in a crappy spot. So I had the big kids haul all the dirty laundry downstairs and I sat down and sorted it all into piles. Once I’d done so, I was staring at about nine loads of laundry, not counting all the sheets and blankets that really also needed to be washed. Even I know that drying nine loads of clothes is not only going to be a huge pain in the butt, but also hugely expensive.

It was a nice sunny day, so I had an inspiration– why not string up a makeshift clothesline from the porch to the cathouse? (Yes, cathouse, our cats live in a little outdoor shed since our asthmatic kid is allergic to cats.) My husband is nothing if not versatile, so he went and got supplies at some local store and put up a clothesline. And since he’s also a hard working sonofagun, he also washed all the laundry, hung it to dry, and then folded it and put it away. It took him a while. I think I ate bonbons while he did it.

So now we have a clothesline. I’m hoping it makes a difference in our electric bill. Once the dryer parts come in, we can also do laundry on rainy days, but for now it’s a do-able solution. I also bought a bottle of Snuggle fabric softener, because towels. It only took one bath with a cardboard towel for me to remember the virtues of that frighteningly earnest teddybear and his blue liquid.

Tonight, I decided to clean out our master bedroom closet as part of my ongoing drive to baby-proof the house. The Major-General (as I am calling him) decides at times that his OWN toys are boring and terrible and not attractive (except most of the time, when they’re totally the shiznit.) Then he goes off on a quest to find what I like to call “choke-ables.” My closet was filled with all kinds of contraband that he’d have dearly loved to chew on– things that could have landed him in the hospital, like sewing supplies and lots and lots of dice and yarn and candy wrappers left over from Christmas.

It took me a couple hours, but I managed to get everything up and out of baby’s reach. I even got our cd collection back on shelves– they’ve all been in boxes for the past few years. The closet is looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Nothing’s piled in the corners, all the too-small baby clothes have been packed away, and the kids even found the lid to the Dungeons and Dragons box.

They’re not big things, but they’ll help anyway. Now I don’t have to worry that the baby’s going to kill himself with something he found in my closet and maybe we can get some relief from our sky-high electric bills. With summer rapidly approaching (okay, maybe not for you northerly types, but down here we’re going to hit 72 this week. Summer is a’comin in soon enough) we’re going to need all the help we can get with the bills.

Anyway, enough good work for the day and week and whatnot. Time to go play some Diablo and kill legions of demons. 🙂 And rest on my very small laurels for the month.


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