Yeah, you got it, turn and face the strange.

In other words, it’s time for me to shake up my background and images and such again. Sadly, the only header image that I have ready-to-hand is from the fall of ’12, so it’s not only missing the baby, it’s totally unreflective of how everyone looks nowadays. Me, for instance . . . I’m no longer rockin’ the red butch haircut. Actually my hair’s really long and dyed stark black. So, yeah, it’s outdated. I’ll fix it soon.

More changes coming around– I’m actually going to force myself to post regularly again. Consider it practice for actually getting some paying writing done soon. And trying to drag myself out of this slump. Maybe some good old-fashioned savage commentary will snap me out of it.

Cause this gloom isn’t helping anyone. And I’m going to totally quote Taylor Swift here, no matter what it does to my metal and goth credibility– I’m just gonna shake it off.


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