Savage Misery

So I had two root canals done a couple weeks ago. Not the worst I’d ever had done, by any means, as I’d had some done in late pregnancy before and THAT was no fun, but still they weren’t exactly enjoyable. They seemed like they were healing up okay . . ..

Until this weekend, that is. Twinges started Saturday night, and today has been just unbearable. Obviously he missed something or some germ got lodged in there somehow, as I have a swelling in my jaw and unrelenting pain. Wheee, tooth abscess!

Yeah, so I’m eating various pain medications pretty much by the handful and icing it down (never put a hot compress on a tooth abscess. Don’t want to loosen something up and send it floating around your skull.) And trying to hang in until Monday so that I can get this freaking dentist to fix whatever it is he messed up.

So if I don’t post something tomorrow, it’s probably because I’m sitting in a dentist chair and/or swallowing a bunch of Advil and Tylenol and whatever else I can find in the medicine cabinet. Right now, I think I am headed back to bed to try to rest as much as possible. Hubs is going to bring home something soft for me to eat (pasta, I think) along with yet more baby formula for Hawkins the bottomless pit. And some Aleve . .. that stuff is the best I’ve found for tooth pain, at least among the over-the-counter meds.

I was hoping we’d have a good weekend, too. Hubs and I took the Ninja and the Tank (7 and 5) to the high school football game Friday night. That was . . . pretty much a disaster. The Tank has Sensory Integration issues, so loud noises are too much for him to handle. And the clone-like middle-aged soccer mom (expletive deleted)s seem to think ringing cowbells is indicative of “school spirit.” One of them was ringing one right behind his head. So that didn’t go well at all.

He made it to halftime, so I did get to watch the Viking’s band perform, which was really cool. They march military-style, so it’s very precise and smooth and impressive. Then I took the Tank out of the bleachers so he could run around and he immediately tripped on the gravel and took the bark off of his right knee.

So I’m making a compression bandage out of a longsleeved t-shirt and cleaning it with the wet washcloths I brought to wipe sticky hands and he’s ouch-ing and yiping and hopping around. That got us to the end of the third quarter, when hubs decided I looked like I was being painfully martyred and took us all home. That made him unhappy and the Tank furious, because apparently he loved “the basketball game” and wanted to see it. Oh well.

Seems like the weekend was just doomed from the start. If it wasn’t the Tank screaming about one thing, it was him screaming about another. And me getting sick. And everyone just struggling to survive.

Man, this hurts . . . as in hurts so badly I can’t even kiss the baby because the right side of my lips is painful to touch. So, yeah, this is not fun. Antibiotics and some kind of fix are definitely in the works. And maybe smacking the dentist with something. Although I think they may be suspicious if one walks into the dental office carrying a Louisville Slugger. I really doubt I could pass it off as “Yeah, heading to baseball practice after this.”

Ah well. Indy just set off the house alarm again by going out back. She’ll wake the baby doing that . . . and there goes my chance of napping. He’s cutting his first tooth, so he hasn’t been too happy himself. Tylenol did the trick for him, though, and cheered him back up. Boy, they grow up fast.

Signing off and heading back to bed.


Yeah, you got it, turn and face the strange.

In other words, it’s time for me to shake up my background and images and such again. Sadly, the only header image that I have ready-to-hand is from the fall of ’12, so it’s not only missing the baby, it’s totally unreflective of how everyone looks nowadays. Me, for instance . . . I’m no longer rockin’ the red butch haircut. Actually my hair’s really long and dyed stark black. So, yeah, it’s outdated. I’ll fix it soon.

More changes coming around– I’m actually going to force myself to post regularly again. Consider it practice for actually getting some paying writing done soon. And trying to drag myself out of this slump. Maybe some good old-fashioned savage commentary will snap me out of it.

Cause this gloom isn’t helping anyone. And I’m going to totally quote Taylor Swift here, no matter what it does to my metal and goth credibility– I’m just gonna shake it off.

Glub, glub

So, as you may be able to tell from my posting frequency, the sea of life has swallowed me alive. I’ve paddled my way to the surface briefly to let my adoring public (aka my Dad) know that I’m still alive.

So, where were we? Oh, yeah, life being sucky. Well, not entirely horrible, but overwhelming. It hasn’t exactly slowed down. I’ve been shuttling kids to doctor visits, struggling through our weekly routine, and (in an exciting twist) going to physical therapy sessions. Physical therapy is mostly frightening because I am SO weak that any little exercise just wipes me out. Also, I’m convinced that I picked up a stomach bug in the saltwater pool on Thursday. Friday’s stomach woes pretty much ruined the entire day. But, hey, our football team won and it was a game in town so my husband and son didn’t have to be gone half the night driving to and from some little hayseed town.

It’s kind of sweet, in an odd way, how seriously football is taken here. I had to take some fast food to my son before the band’s bus left, so I hurried over to Micky D’s and then drove over to the school. The road signs all had blue and white streamers tied to them for about a half mile, plus inspirational signs tacked here and there. Friday night in Texas in the fall . . ..  it could be sort of endearing, if people weren’t absolutely psychotic about it. My son’s band director is a woman possessed. If they don’t win State this year, she may very well lose her mind.

So, yes, life’s still got the upper hand on me. I am sleeping more at night, though. Struggling to make it through my reading backlog, since I only have a limited amount of time where I have enough peace and quiet to concentrate on a book. I’ve been reading fluff instead of my backlog, mostly. It’s just a lot easier to read fluffy books than, say, Hemingway. I keep working on it, though.

I’ve got lots of topics I’d like to blather on about, but mostly right now I just want to find a clean cup (if such a thing exists in this house) and get a drink before curling up with the suddenly-way-too-mobile baby. My 5 year old is completely regressed and awful since the baby was born, and it’s kicking my butt trying to deal with him. My 7 year old is highly motivated to do his reading, though, now that I got a packet from “Book It” that gives them free Pizza Hut personal pizzas every month if they meet their reading goals. Suddenly he’s VERY interested in finding the easy reader books on the shelves. The autistic wonder has been a nightmare lately at school and at home, refusing to do pretty much anything. Even game nights have been sort of mini-hells.

I keep treading water, literally in therapy and figuratively everywhere else. Anybody got a lifeboat for sale?