Summer’s almost gone

I told myself at the beginning of the summer that just enduring it would be “enough.”

It’s hard, even so, to see the school year approaching without feeling disappointed in our pretty boring summer.

Well, it was exciting at times, but not in good ways. The excitement was mainly terror at the baby’s episodes of apnea, his horrible congestion, and various permutations of “sick and unhappy” that he went through. Then both of his “younger older” brothers got a ridiculously bad virus and each spent a week living on the game room couch, sipping Gatorade and 7up and occasionally choking down Tylenol or Advil to quell the nonstop 101-102 fevers. 

That’s not the kind of excitement I personally crave, thank you.

We were able to wrestle a few nice moments out of the general malaise, but this will definitely not go down in history as our best summer. But, hey, we made it. Only four days left of band camp, my older daughter has the next four days off, school shopping is halfway done . ..  we’ve got this.

And fall is coming. Autumn with the blissful blessed relief of those cold fronts that howl down from the cold north and, for a day or two, turn Texas into something astonishingly beautiful and wild. We won’t see real relief from the heat until Halloween, but we’ll have a few days here and there that will promise that summer is not, actually, 12 months of the year here. Only 8 or so.

I’m excited about the upcoming school year. Our second grade religious education books arrived today. The phonics book and history book arrived last week. We’re still working through the 1st grade math book, so we won’t worry about affording Saxon 2 quite yet. I’m looking forward to September, when I can renew our yearly membership at our local zoo and start taking the boys there for our weekly trips. When the blistering heat starts fading and we can go make tours of the local state parks on the weekends, hiking and camping and exploring. When my autistic daughter is back in school fulltime and actually sleeps at night and isn’t home wreaking havoc all day. 

It’s going to be great. Probably filled with chaos and anxiety and stress and everything that usually accompanies us on this journey, but still great.

Bring it on.


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